The Times of Change are Here (Thank Goodness…)

Your Content Goes Here I was watching Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins give their speeches at the National Press Club last week. They both got their [...]

The Times of Change are Here (Thank Goodness…)2022-04-14T07:40:23+09:30

Mindfulness Part 1

Your Content Goes Here I took this photo yesterday while sitting quietly outside. I thought ‘how did that particular ray of sunshine find its way through all the leaves and branches [...]

Mindfulness Part 12022-04-14T07:42:08+09:30

The Window of Tolerance

Your Content Goes Here How your nervous system impacts your ability to respond or react in times of stress. Hi There I hope you are well. I thought [...]

The Window of Tolerance2022-04-14T07:44:51+09:30
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