About Jenny

Face-2-Face appointments in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills or Worldwide via Skype

I am Jenny Tucker

I am passionate about supporting people to connect with their own uniqueness.

I create a safe and nurturing space where I meet with you wherever you are in your life, and together we can see which process will suit you.

I am based in the Adelaide Hills, and offer online appointments as well.

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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

Audrey Hepburn

My Qualifications

I have a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling), a Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, and Certificates in Restorative Yoga, Reiki 1 and 11, and Aura Healing.

I am excited to support you in your healing.

About Me

I am the founder of Nurture & Nourish Holistic Therapies.

The name of my service (and my logo) is a reminder to live from my heart space, my Loving Presence and how I will nurture and nourish myself throughout my day.

It is also a message for others to live from their heart space and to nurture and nourish themselves.

I am married, with two teenage children, and have a budgie, a dog and two miniature horses.

I love spending time in, and connecting with, nature as I am in awe of her splendour.

Have you ever stopped and looked closely at flowers, trees, rock formations, rivers, creeks, birds and the bees?

Have you seen how unique they are, and how their colours and tones match perfectly with the different shapes, forms and textures?

What Nurture & Nourish means for me

Nurture… How we tend and care for a seedling:
We create an environment for the right conditions for growth, such as:

  • Watering
  • Using fertiliser
  • Placing the seedling in the sun or shade depending on type of plant
  • Providing shelter from the wind, rain and sun on 40 degree days
  • Importantly talk to them nicely

This care also applies to us:

  • how we talk to ourselves – is it in a gentle, tender, caring way?
  • our diet which starts with what we put into our bodies, but also what we listen to on the radio, or watch on TV, and social media – does it support us?
  • the environments we spend our time in, either at home, work or socially – is our growth encouraged and do they enrich our life?
  • what about the people we spend time with?
  • do we give ourselves space to know who we are, what we need and what we stand for?

Nourish How do we fill ourselves up?

  • a massage
  • being in nature
  • hanging out with friends who we can laugh with until we cry, or just cry and there are tears and snot, knowing they will still love us
  • reading a good book
  • baking
  • painting
  • dancing
  • singing

whatever it is that fills us up so we can nurture ourselves. Nourish can be, being still, such as reading, sitting in nature, meditating, reflecting OR it can be doing – such as baking, painting, dancing, singing, gardening,

Letting out what is within

What is ready to be expressed as it is our uniqueness that adds to the richness of our life and those around us.

In reflecting on Nourish, I get a sense of abundance, of filling ourselves up, so we can be there for others…. Nourish is the act of either being or doing, reflective and soulful…

Both nurture & nourish are forms of self care and self love in action…

In counselling I provide the care, gentleness and environment for growth so you will come to know what nurture and nourish looks and feels like for you.

And from the point of view of my logo it is all underpinned by the heart, our heart and heartspace: a portal to where we find the mysteries of life unfolding, the mystical, magical and mythical, leading us to connect to our inner world, where profound knowledge and wisdom reside and fill us up with self love so we can then give to others…

How will you nurture & nourish yourself today?

From my heartspace to your heartspace