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Mindfulness Part 1

I took this photo yesterday while sitting quietly outside. I thought ‘how did that particular ray of sunshine find its way through all the leaves and branches on the tree’? And I wondered when mindfulness is talked about, do people understand what it is? So I thought I would do a brief rundown on mindfulness. Mindfulness [...]

Mindfulness Part 2

So here we are at Mindfulness Part 2. So how did you go with the mindful breathing this week? It has been a good reminder for me to continue with my mindfulness and meditation practice. Let’s revisit the process. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and either stand, sit or lie down, whichever is most [...]

Heart and Brain Coherence

I thought I would write about heart and brain coherence. The Heart Math Institute started nearly 30 years ago and has been steadfast in its scientific research around heart based living and coherence. Their research shows the heart sends more messages to the brain than first thought.  These messages have a huge impact on brain functioning such [...]

The Window of Tolerance

How your nervous system impacts your ability to respond or react in times of stress. Hi There I hope you are well. I thought I would write about ‘the Window of Tolerance’ (WOT) and how Counselling and Restorative Yoga support the widening of the window. WOT is about the different states of being we may go through [...]

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