Heart and Brain Coherence

I thought I would write about heart and brain coherence.

The Heart Math Institute started nearly 30 years ago and has been steadfast in its scientific research around heart based living and coherence.

Their research shows the heart sends more messages to the brain than first thought.  These messages have a huge impact on brain functioning such as cognition, how we process our emotions, memory and problem solving.

Thus, when the heart is in a highly emotional state (fear, anger, stress) the impulses and signals sent to the brain have been shown to be jagged and erratic, impacting our ability to think clearly, to remember things and make positive decisions.

In this state our nervous systems are affected, along with breathing patterns and our energy levels can feel depleted. However, when we are experiencing joy, happiness and gratitude, for example, the heart sends signals to the brain that take the form of smooth waves. When this occurs, our body’s different systems, work together so our body functions better, we feel better and have more energy.

The ability to regulate our emotions is a big part of coherence.

Being able to stay centred and grounded when we feel overwhelmed, triggered or under pressure, helps us to stay present and keep our heart signals in the gentle wave like form.

Easier said than done I know, but with practice it can be achieved.

Here is a link to a quick video on how to start heart and brain coherence.

So the more we can be centred in our hearts, and filled with emotions such as joy and gratitude, the flow on effect to our brain and body is amazing.

We function better, feel better and have more energy to enjoy life and greater connection to ourselves and each other and access to our inner resources – intuition and inner knowing.

The website for HeartMath Institute and some tips.

If you are interested and excited, like me, to know more about how spirituality, science and life are becoming more intersected – Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza and Drunvalo Melchizedek go deeper into ancient teachings and how they are still relevant, even needed, in today’s society.

Take Care