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Catherine S. Testimonial

When we choose to walk a different path, or swim against the tide, there are always unexpected challenges ahead.

For years, I attempted to speak up to help people, who like me, have been impacted by domestic and family violence – but the more I spoke, the more frightened of others’ reactions I became. Then I started counselling sessions with Jenny from Nurture and Nourish Holistic Therapies.

Jenny walks alongside me, helping me build courage. She guides me, with kindness and empathy, on how I can listen to the accumulated wisdom of my body, and merge the physical and intellectual, rather than artificially separating them.

I am increasingly recognising patterns in myself, the people around me and the environment. I am making more strategic decisions and my voice is getting stronger.

Above all, I am achieving all this while being kind to myself.

Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal Counselling uses a holistic approach to counselling.

Counselling Focus
This type of counselling focuses on the body, mind and spirit.

It values wholeness and looks to the past, present and future, exploring growth, and focusing on wholeness.

We may find some patterns of behaviour from childhood that were for safety, and explore their impacts on your life now.

Understanding and Insight
What you can experience is the opportunity for greater understanding and insight.

It is a chance for you to connect on a deeper level with who you are, through a body focused approach using meditation, restorative yoga, mindfulness, creative expression, or inner child exploration.

Transpersonal Counselling will support you to become the author of your life, integrating and reconnecting to wholeness.

What is Transpersonal Counselling?
Transpersonal Counselling evolved from transpersonal psychology in the 1960’s.

It has a strong evidence-base taken from the works of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and William James and incorporates modern day techniques.

Transpersonal Counselling is like an umbrella and these different approaches are spokes of my umbrella:

Creative Expression

Wisdom of the Body

Inner Child


Transpersonal Counselling focuses on personal growth and potential

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