The Times of Change are Here (Thank Goodness…)

The times of change are here - watching Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins

I was watching Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins give their speeches at the National Press Club last week.

They both got their message across in their own way, strong and resolute, driving change so others do not have to go through what they did.

Brittany from her own experience, focused on University/Workplace abuse demanding change… calling for the Jenkins Review’s 28 recommendations to be implemented and the National Action Plan and lack of action at the National Level, needing more structure and accountability…

Grace’s focus was childhood abuse of both girls and boys and the impact on their adult life.  She called for

  1. The Government to take all forms of abuse seriously,
  2. Adequately funded Prevention Education in schools
  3. Consistent National Legislation change…

I have to admit, watching Grace made me feel very uncomfortable.

She was fierce and I was telling myself… breathe… and breathe… and breathe…

And then, it hit me why I was so uncomfortable. I still have attachments to the patriarchy I was indoctrinated into as a child.

I have a small part of me that still believes I have to be nice and not rock the boat, don’t speak up and make others uncomfortable. To swallow my words and go against what my body and inner knowing is telling me!!!! Ahh… nice… BIG… SIGH… LET IT GOOOO…

Well, I sat there, watching, allowing myself to sit in the uncomfortableness and it was uncomfortable, until, I noticed it eased and I was able to relax, I felt my shoulders drop and another deep sigh… I was able to sit in the uncomfortableness and be comfortable.   Another part of me…. letting go… of the old out dated way of being… making space for my voice and my presence.

I thought about how these two amazing advocates for women and children are inspiring and paving the way for the next generation of young girls and young women to speak their truth and be true to who they are. To stand up for those who have been abused – girls and boys, who, as adult women and men still have the scars and women who are unable to speak up. To bring light to how systemic abuse perpetuates itself through society and up until now how victims remain silent due to the heavy bias towards the perpetrator and if they dared to speak up would get shut down, shamed and have their character discredited.  And, as we have seen, the perpetrator gets on with their life, usually rewarded with a promotion while the victim is left to try and put the pieces of their shattered life together.

As I sat there with a warm feeling of hope for the future I realised it is not only young girls and young women they are inspiring it is all women, women of my age and older and men are sensing it too, the toxic masculinity and the impacts it has on them.

For me, women finding their voice is not about shutting down men, but, creating a more just and equal world.  In this world men will be able to feel and express their softer side and speak their truth too, as the basis of the patriarchy is the sense of entitlement to use their control and power over others.

Thank you Grace and Brittany you have fought hard to highlight an insidious part of society over the last year and shown us it is time to speak up…..thank you for your courage, bravery and tenacity, I for one stand with you.

Here is the link if you would like to watch their speeches.

The times are changing so time it’s play our part and next time I feel uncomfortable I will stand up and stand out and speak up and speak out, I hope you will too.

Jen x
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